Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation, and Transforming Organizations

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Catalyze collaboration, drive innovation, transform your organization — with Boundary Spanning Leadership you can put it ALL together!
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Author Chris Ernst and Donna Chrobot-Mason
ISBN 978-0-07163-887-6
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Powered by a decade of global research and practice by the top-ranked Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), this book will introduce you to practical tools and tactics to apply the 6 boundary spanning practices that occur at the nexus where groups collide, intersect, and link:

  • Buffering defines boundaries to create safety.
  • Reflecting creates understanding of boundaries to foster respect.
  • Connecting suspends boundaries to build trust.
  • Mobilizing reframes boundaries to develop community.
  • Weaving interlaces boundaries to advance interdependence.
  • Transforming cross-cuts boundaries to enable reinvention.

Table of Contents

Boundary Spanning Leadership, McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2011
Foreword by Marian N. Ruderman xv
Preface xxi
Acknowledgements xxix
Introduction 1
PART 1 The Forces That Pull Us Apart And Bring Us Together 15
Chapter 1: The Shifting Leadership Landscape 17
Chapter 2: Us And Them: Why Identity Matters 40
Chapter 3: Intergroup Boundaries: The Great Divide 57
PART 2 Managing Boundaries 81
Chapter 4: Buffering: Creating Safety 84
Chapter 5: Reflecting: Fostering Respect 104
PART 3 Forging Common Ground 127
Chapter 6: Connecting: Building Trust 130
Chapter 7: Mobilizing: Developing Community 150
PART 4 Discovering New Frontiers 169
Chapter 8: Weaving: Advancing Interdependence 172
Chapter 9: Transforming: Enabling Reinvention 190
PART 5 The Nexus Effect 219
Chapter 10: The Nexus Effect and You 221
Epilogue: Toward An Interdependent, Collaborative Future 247
Appendix A: About the Research 255
Appendix B: Boundary Spanning Leadership Summary Table 269
Appendix C: Where To Go Next: CCL Resources For Boundary Spanning Leadership 273
Notes 281
Index 291

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