Be The Boss Everyone Wants to Work For: A Guide For New Leaders

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Filled with practical advice and lessons, and backed by extensive research, this book lays out the art, science, and practice behind learning and leading as a first-time manager. Through first-hand accounts, stories, and other examples drawn from the experiences of first-time managers, the book’s practical, actionable content helps readers flip the old script — and write and live their new script.

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Author William A. Gentry, Ph.D.
ISBN 978-1-62656-625-5
Publisher Berrett-Koehler

Becoming a manager is one of the most stressful and challenging transitions in any career. Why do half or more new managers quickly flame out? They’re working from an old script for success.

As an individual, your script is about “me.” But when you become a manager, everything about your job needs to change — your skillset, the nature of your work relationships, your understanding of what “work” is, and how you see yourself and your organization. You have to operate from a brand new script, one that’s about “we” — ensuring collective success.

Table of Contents

Be The Boss Everyone Wants to Work For: A Guide For New Leaders, Berrett-Koehler, 2016
Introduction: The Biggest First in Your Professional Career 5
Chapter 1: Flip Your Script So You Won't Flop as a Boss 17
Chapter 2: Flip Your Mindset 29
Chapter 3: Flip Your Skillset 48
Chapter 4: Flip Your Relationships 70
Chapter 5: Flip Your "Do It All" Attitude 88
Chapter 6: Flip Your Perspective 106
Chapter 7: Flip Your Focus 125
Chapter 8: Stick With Your Flipped Script 144
Taking the 1st step 153
Notes 154
About the Research 165
Acknowledgements 166
About the Author 168
About the Center for Creative Leadership 169
About the Maximizing Your Leadership Potential Program 170

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