The Truth About Sucking Up: How Authentic Self-Promotion Benefits You and Your Organization

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Why do organizations so often reward the most vocal or most visible even if they aren't the most qualified? This is a critically important question.

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Author Gina Hernez-Broome, Cindy McLaughlin, Stephanie Trovas
ISBN 978-1-60491-067-4
Publisher CCL Press

Beyond bruised egos and a free-floating sense of unfairness lies a larger organizational problem: when the wrong people get noticed and rewarded, organizations suffer. Projects fail, goals are not met, employee morale and motivation disintegrate, and cynicism festers.

This book can help you prevent those drastic outcomes by making authentic self-promotion part of your everyday work life.

Table of Contents

The Truth About Sucking Up: How Authentic Self-Promotion Benefits You and Your Organization, CCL Press, 2009
Acknowledgments vii
Introduction 1
Why Self-Promotion Matters 2
What's Your Responsibility? 5
Chapter 1: It's about Building Up, Not Sucking Up 9
Oops - I forgot to Blow My Horn! 9
A Better Way to Do It 12
Chapter 2: Why Promote Yourself? 17
Self-Promotion Pays Off 18
Not Self-Promoting Has Its Price 19
Losses All Around 21
More Losses 23
The Impact on Collaboration 26
Chapter 3: Get Over Yourself 27
Beliefs That Get in the Way 27
The Boss's View 31
Chapter 4: The Art of Self-Promotion 33
Developing Yourself 35
Connecting with Others 39
Creating Opportunities 44
Chapter 5: Creating Your Approach 49
What's Your Type? 49
What's Your Motivation? 54
What's Your Situation? 58
Chapter 6: Knowing Your Audience 65
The Clueless 66
The Gullible 69
The Skeptical 71
The Savvy 71
Chapter 7: On the Receiving End 73
Selective Listening: A Tale of a Boss Deceived 73
What Kind of Boss Are You? 77
Strategies for Getting an Accurate Picture 88
Managing the Talent Show 91
Chapter 8: Self-Promotion: The Past, Present, and Future 103
Suggested Readings 105

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