The Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback

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This volume is the definitive work on strategic 360 feedback, an approach to performance management that is characterized by: (1) having content derived from the organization's strategy and values; (2) creating data that is sufficiently reliable and valid to be used for decision making; (3) integration with talent management and development systems; and (4) being inclusive of all candidates for assessment.
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Author Edited by Allan H. Church, David W. Bracken, John W. Fleenor, and Dale S. Rose
ISBN 978-0-19087-986-0
Publisher Oxford University Press

This book:

  • Defines a specific category of 360 feedback — strategic 360 feedback, which is distinguished from other performance management methods.
  • Aligns performance management with organization's strategy and values.
  • Presents viewpoints from researchers, scientists, practitioners, and consultants on best practices in the design, implementation, and evaluation of many forms of multirater processes and technologies.
Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback, Oxford University Press, 2019
Marshall Goldsmith
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview to the Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback
Allan H. Church, David W. Bracken, John W. Fleenor, and Dale S. Rose
Chapter 2. What Are "Strategic" 360 Feedback Systems?
David W. Bracken
Section I. 360 for Decision-Making
Chapter 3. Best Practices When Using 360 Degree Feedback for Performance Appraisal
E.D. Campion, M.C. Campion, and M.A. Campion
Chapter 4. Historical Challenges of Using 360 Feedback for Performance Evaluation
Manuel London and James W. Smither
Chapter 5. Technological Innovations in the Use of 360 Feedback for Performance Management
Steven Hunt, Joe Sherwood, and Lauren Pytel
Chapter 6. Strategic 360 Feedback for Talent Management
Allan H. Church
Chapter 7. Using Stakeholder Input to Support Strategic Talent Development at Board and Senior Executive Levels: A Practitioner's Perspective
Paul Winum
Section II. 360 for Development 
Chapter 8. Application of 360 Feedback for Leadership Development
Cynthia McCauley and Stéphane Brutus
Chapter 9. Moving Beyond "The Great Debate": Recasting Developmental 360 Feedback in Talent Management
Jason Dahling and Samantha Chau
Chapter 10. Team Development with Strategic 360 Feedback: Learning From Each Other
Allison Traylor and Eduardo Salas
Chapter 11. From Insight to Successful Behavior Change: The Real Impact of Development-Focused 360 Feedback
Kenneth M. Nowack
Chapter 12. Integrating Personality Assessment with 360 Feedback in Leadership Development and Coaching
Robert B. Kaiser and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Chapter 13. Strategic 360 Feedback for Organization Development
Allan H. Church and W. Warner Burke
Section III. 360 Methodology and Measurement
Chapter 14. Factors Affecting the Validity of Strategic 360 Feedback Processes
John W. Fleenor
Chapter 15. Can We Improve Rater Performance?
David W. Bracken and Christopher T. Rotolo
Chapter 16. Rater Congruency: Why Ratings of the Same Person Differ
Adrian Furnham
Chapter 17. Is 360 Feedback a Predictor or Criterion Measure?
Elaine D. Pulakos and Dale S. Rose
Section IV. Organizational Applications
Chapter 18. The Journey From Development to Appraisal: 360 Degree Feedback at General Mills
Tracy M. Maylett
Chapter 19. Harnessing the Potential of 360 Feedback in Executive Education Programming
Jay A. Conger
Chapter 20. An Alternative Form of Feedback: Using Stakeholder Interviews to Assess Reputation at Walmart
Lorraine Stomski
Chapter 21. Mitigating Succession Risk in the C-Suite: A Case Study
Seymour Adler
Chapter 22. Integrating Strategic 360 Feedback at a Financial Services Organization
William J. Shepherd
Chapter 23. Leveraging Team 360 to Drive Business-Enhancing Change Across the Enterprise at Whirlpool Corporation
Stefanie Mockler, Rich McGourty, and Keith Goudy
Chapter 24. What Kind of Talent Do We Have Here? Using 360s to Establish a Baseline Assessment of Talent
Christine Corbet Boyce and Beth Linderbaum
Section V. Critical and Emerging Topics
Chapter 25. 360 Feedback versus Alternative Forms of Feedback: Which Feedback Methods are Best Suited to Enable Change?
Dale S. Rose
Chapter 26. Gender, Diversity, and 360 Feedback
Anna Marie Valerio and Katina Sawyer
Chapter 27. Using Analytics to Gain More Insights From 360 Feedback Data
Alexis A. Fink and Evan F. Sinar
Chapter 28. The Ethical Context of 360 Feedback
William H. Macey and Karen M. Barbera
Chapter 29. The Legal Environment for 360 Feedback
John C. Scott, Justin M. Scott, and Katey E. Foster
Chapter 30. Using 360 Feedback to Shape a Profession: Lessons Learned Over 30 Years from the Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS)
Dave Ulrich
Chapter 31. The Handbook of 360 Feedback: Themes, Prognostications, and Sentiments
Allan H. Church, David W. Bracken, John W, Fleenor, and Dale S. Rose 
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