Our books on leadership development help leaders meet the challenges of today’s organizations and turn those challenges into opportunities. Many are authored by our expert faculty and researchers, based on CCL’s experience working with thousands of leaders over more than 50 years.

Wondering where to start? Our Ideas into Action guidebooks provide specific advice on how to complete a specific developmental task or solve a leadership challenge. Affordable, scalable, tangible, portable, and sharable, these leadership development books provide just-in-time development advice to enhance your own personal leadership growth journey and help support larger internal development initiatives.

We also offer authoritative handbooks on leadership development in a variety of popular topics such as coaching, assessment for development, leadership development evaluation, experience-driven development, and much more.

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  1. CCL's Comprehensive Guidebook Set including the Compass Book.
    Comprehensive Guidebook Set – Now Including Compass Book
    SGD 495.00
  2. Creativity Guidebook Package
    Creativity Guidebook Package
    SGD 26.95
  3. CCL's Development Planning Guidebook Package featuring 4 guidebooks.
    Development Planning Guidebook Package
    SGD 44.95
  4. Feedback Guidebook Package
    Feedback Guidebook Package
    SGD 35.95
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