Center for Creative Leadership Network Associate - XEd Space

XEd Space

XEd Space has offices and associates located through Australia, focused on partnering with organisations to find the right people to deliver the right programs that deliver the best possible outcomes. The XEd “tribe” has significant experience in working with clients across verticals, including government and military, higher education, international sport ,and an array of business industries.

XEd Space offers CCL’s leadership programs publicly as well as directly with clients, including the Leadership Development Program (LDP)®, Leading for Organizational Impact (LOI), and Lead 4 Success (L4S).

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What are Network Associates?

To aid CCL in our mission to advance the understanding, practice, and development of leadership worldwide and to help a wider range of individuals and organizations address their leadership challenges, we've partnered with select organizations globally. These associate organizations have been trained and certified to offer one or more of our programs on an open-enrollment or contract basis.

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